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Take copy-pasting, repetitive tasks, and guesswork out of posting. Schedule weekly content in minutes and get subscribers while inactive.

Select when to submit a post, and it's done for you. Make future posts and gain subs even while inactive.

Loved by thousands of creators

Many already pull crazy amounts of subs from Reddit - some of which could be yours. What are you waiting for? Get your share now!

    • Scheduule Your Post is leaps and bounds better than any other scheduler I've tried! It is sohandy to be able to schedule multiple posts with the same image/video/link on thesame page. The option to watermark built in is also super handy. And I also lovebeing able to see everything laid out on the calendar view! They are also super goodabout incorporating feedback and helping you out with any issues. I highlyrecommend Scheduule Your Post!

      9 days ago
    • so I started using the tool about a week ago and I've been very impressed. I love thecalendar view and the analytics pages! The coolest thing though is how responsivethe team has been.. posted an enhancement suggestion on their suggestionpage...and they added it to the tool the very next day!! Don't see things like thathappen often.

      3 days ago
    • I started using the tool last week and I'm blown away at how amazing it is! I've savedso much time and have the ability to post at the best times for each subreddits. Thankyou to the support team who is super reactive!

      2 hr. ago
    • Hi there i would love to write a review because I've been using Scheduule Your Post for a fewdays already and I really like it . First thing is the app itself,it's really awesome,itmakes my day so much better because now I don't need to watch my phone forentire day to keep up with posting hours. All of already existing features areawesome,most useful (obviously except post scheduler) is the subreddit analytics toowhich tells you the best hours for posting on given subreddit,and its allows you toplan post in I think 2 clicks. Also thing I want to notice is the fact that you (Scheduule Your Post)listen to community and implement features that users genuinely want.

      17 hr. ago
    • The truth I still have to try some of the amazing features from SocialRise but I cannostop using the Best time to post and the scheduler ones. They are really useful! Myfigures are growing up and it seems there are no limits. Huge thanks socialRise!!

      13 hr. ago
    • I am very glad that I started working with this service, and I am glad because therewere problems in the work... For me, it is a very big indicator of how quickly thesupport responds and solves all the issues, and I can say with confidence that theguys are doing well, because as quickly as possible, help them to tear themselvesapart and solve all the problems. They also gave me tips and recommendations onpublications... As for the service, it is very simple and very convenient, and tounderstand this, I would even suggest that the guys do a promotion with 200 freepublications for $ 1 so that just a person understands how convenient and cool it is!

      1 month ago

Select the perfect plan for you

Pick how many posts per month you want to schedule.


Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started.


  • Schedule 50 Reddit posts every month
  • Connect 1 Reddit account
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Small business

Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.


  • Schedule 250 Reddit posts every month
  • Connect 5 Reddit account
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • Schedule 5000 Reddit posts every month
  • Connect 15 Reddit account
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • Is my account safe using Schedule Your Post?

      Yep! Schedule Your Post requires the minimum Reddit permissions to do its job. To see which permissions (or "scopes") Schedule Your Post requests, check out our Privacy Policy, which lists them out including reasons why that scope is required.

    • Can my account be banned by using Schedule Your Post?

      Using a Reddit post scheduler is not against Reddit's terms of service, however spamming Reddit is. Schedule Your Post is a tool to help content creators share their content regularly to relevant subreddits at the right time, but it should not be used to spam Reddit. Reddit Post Assistant has built-in features to avoid spamming Reddit and protect your account. If Reddit requests that your account slow down on posting then Schedule Your Post will reschedule your posts until its safe to do so again.

    • Can I use multiple Reddit accounts with Schedule Your Post?

      Yes! Schedule Your Post supports linking multiple Reddit accounts to a single Schedule Your Post account. Check out which plans support multiple Reddit accounts. If you need more than Schedule Your Post provides then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

    • Can I change my plan later?

      Yes! You can change your plan at any time. If you're on a monthly plan then you'll be charged for the next month at the new plan's price. If you're on an annual plan then you'll be charged for the next year at the new plan's price. If you're on a free plan and you want to upgrade to a paid plan then you'll be charged for the next month at the new plan's price.

    • Do I need a credit card to sign up?

      No, you can sign up for Schedule Your Post without a credit card. On the Free plan, you'll have access to schedule 5 posts per month from 1 Reddit account.

    • How many posts can I schedule?

      You can schedule as many posts as your plan supports. The free tier includes 5 posts per month and higher tiers support more posts than that. You can schedule posts for the entire month all at once or you can log into Schedule Your Post each day and schedule posts for that day. It's totally up to you!