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Approved B-List Users Only
: "Britney deleted her Justin Timberlake apology post and posted this"
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FilmMoi - Movies / TV
: "Ryan Gosling reacts to his Oscar nomination and Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig being snubbed."
23 posts
: "Kyle MacLachlan parodying Lorde's IG post"
23 posts
: "Recent Photos of Demi Moore and (Specifically) Her Dog Pilaf, The Goodest Accessory"
11 posts
Breakups / Makeups / Knockups
: "Ryan Gosling Praises 'Girl of My Dreams' Eva Mendes During Festival Speech"
11 posts
: "Marilyn Manson Ordered to Pay Evan Rachel Wood's Six-Figure Legal Tab for Nixed Lawsuit Claims"
10 posts
Celebrity Capitalism
: "Michal Cera walking in Brooklyn carrying a lot of… lotion?"
7 posts
Blind Item
: "Which NY-based actor sends a bagel care package to his hookups the morning after?"
5 posts
Ask r/Fauxmoi
: "What product placement in a movie or show really took you out whilst watching?"
3 posts
DM Debunked
: "YALL💀"
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: "Charli XCX shares some unhinged marketing ideas she was sent"
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Think Piece
: "Justin Timberlake’s Comeback is Flopping and He Only Has Himself to Blame"
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: "When Hollywood lost a star: Grace Kelly's arranged meeting with Prince Rainier III of Monaco at his palace on May 6, 1956. It was love at first sight for the prince."
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