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For anyone of any gender identity who has ever been in an abusive relationship or is currently in one. This is a place for people to vent, share their stories and offer support to others in similar situations. Anyone who has experienced an abusive situation or relationship is welcome - that includes romantic, intimate, sexual, spousal, coworker, family, and/or friendship relationships.

Popular Topics in r/abusiverelationships

: "What have I gotten myself into?!? Am I the problem?"
108 posts
Just venting
: "My kids told me they had hard truths for me- asked me to divorce my husband"
17 posts
Emotional abuse
: "A narcissist will be in a shitty mood all night and still expect you to have sex with them."
16 posts
Healing and recovery
: "I can’t believe it 😭"
15 posts
: "as intelligent as i’ve been told i am, i dont see another way besides offing myself out. there’s not a light at the end of the tunnel. either im stupid or dead - neither are good"
10 posts
Domestic violence
: "Known him one month and he smashed my car windows in"
7 posts
Sexual violence
: "I posted this today on the comics sub and a person there told me to post it here. This is about a old relationship, it ended 7 years ago. I was 19 and so was he. He was obsessed with cannibalism so the symbolism of this comic can also be taken literally."
5 posts
: "Did I overreact?"
5 posts
: "How often does your first date joke about domestic violence? [2]"
4 posts
Help maintaining no-contact
: "I left."
4 posts
Support request
: "18f talked to my abusive ex who raped me on text today"
1 posts
Financial abuse
: "My abusive ex left me with a little over 10k in credit card"
1 posts
Resources request - airtag found
: "Locked down social media, my phone says there is now an unknown airtag travelling with me"
1 posts
Resources request
: "i submitted a tip to the FBI cyber tip website for my abusive ex selling my nudes (from ages 13-15)"
1 posts

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