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: "Wuthering Waves Characters Before(CBT1) and After(CBT2) Transformation"
52 posts
Tell me a Tale
: "Does any of your waifu or husbando unit go against this? so when you got him/her she broke the whole META?"
28 posts
(Global) News
: "Dr Ratio is now available for free in Honkai: Star Rail"
27 posts
: "Remember what they took from us"
12 posts
(Global) Event/Collab
: "The Emminence in Shadow Takane Lui is out Now!"
9 posts
(JP) News
: "takt op. Symphony Game Server Will Shut Down on April 9."
8 posts
(Global) Pre-Registration/Beta
: "Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 Pre-Registration Now Open!"
6 posts
: "Tower of fantasty's story got even worse"
6 posts
(CN) News
: "「望月 × WangYue」Open World ARPG New Development Process"
5 posts
(CN) Event/Collab
: "Path to Nowhere collab with Jojo announced."
4 posts
(Other) Pre-Registration/Beta
: "Code Seigetsu ARPG CBT Starts Today"
4 posts
(JP) Event/Collab
: "[The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden x Hololive] "Takane Lui" will have Rate-up Banner on 8th February, also Momosuzu Nene will be available in a rerun banner!"
4 posts
: "AFK Arena using Frieren for fake ads. New low"
3 posts
(Global) Release
: "Atelier Resleriana servers are up."
2 posts
: "[Promo] Atelier Resleriana: Porky's Beginner Guide"
2 posts
Missing Context
: "Atelier Resleriana lowers Banner rates by 50% for Global on their first limited Banner."
2 posts
You Should Play It
: "PSA: Today is the last day of the Blue Archive 100 free summons."
2 posts
(CN) Pre-Registration/Beta
: "Over 5 million People had Pre Registrated for Persona 5 The Phantom X. Open Beta Slots are Open."
2 posts
(CN) Release
: "Ash Echoes Officially Released Today"
2 posts
Subreddit Event
: "GIVEAWAY: r/GachaGaming x Wuthering Waves — Enter to Win 1 of 20 Closed Beta Test 2 Qualifications [Information in Post]"
1 posts
(Other) Release
: ""Space Leaper: Cocoon" revived for the second time under new title "Jump Impact""
1 posts
: "Correct the MISLEADING in r/gachagaming about Artemis is the PAID-ONLY character. Instead you could pull her normally but you could also get her GUARANTEE with 30 Paid-pulls"
1 posts
(KR) Pre-Registration/Beta
: "3D autobattler gacha "Starseed: Asnia Trigger" starts pre-registrations in Korea"
1 posts
Subreddit Announcement
: "R/GACHAGAMING REACHES 250K MEMBERS MILESTONE: Guideline Clarifications, Moderator Applications, Art Design Contest"
1 posts
(JP) Pre-Registration/Beta
: ""Eversoul" begins CBT sign-ups for upcoming JP launch, from January 30 to February 3"
1 posts
(JP) Release
: "from Argonavis: Kimi ga Mita Stage e is live"
1 posts
(KR) News
: "Perfect World Games to Publish Persona 5: The Phantom X in Korean"
1 posts

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